Below you will find the prices and rates of services that we have available to you.  
If you have any questions please contact our business office during regular business hours.
  (Rates exclude applicable local, state, and federal fees and taxes.) 

Monthly Service Rates

High Speed Internet - Max/Bronze 30mbps*
High Speed Internet - Extreme/Silver 60mbps*
High Speed Internet - Gold 100mbps*
Static IP*

Become a VIP Basic 70 + channels High speed internet 30 mgb stnd phone service.

Business Internet packages also available, please call our office for more information.

Some Rates from our Cable TV Services and Rates page may also apply.

* Internet packages include personal web space and up to 5 email accounts.  All speeds listed are theoretical max speeds in which the modem can obtain with the given package.  These speeds are not guaranteed and may vary at any given time up to the max speed.  These speeds do not take into account internet congestion which is beyond our control.
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